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Corporate Client*:
As an industry leader, we produce customized online products on a wide range of topics for over 400 large corporate clients worldwide. Though we maintain an in-house editorial team, we've utilized Carl's services on an ongoing basis for several years. Carl skillfully handles all types of editing projects in a timely manner—including developmental edits, copy editing, online proofs, and International English translations. We usually send him our larger, more complicated jobs to take full advantage of his vast expertise. Carl's flexibility allows him to edit with a light touch, if that's what our client needs, or to reorganize an entire project if required. He can quickly assess the overall condition of any given project and determine which issues deserve the most attention if time is short. All this he does while respecting our clients' individual preferences for style, audience, etc. When he finds a larger issue, Carl will often suggest several alternative solutions, but we've found that the one he recommends is the best one to use. In short, Carl's services help us position our products as the best in their field.

Scientific/ESL Client*:
I am a researcher in the aerospace engineering field and have been using Carl's editing services for years for my professional publications. As a native Japanese speaker, I especially have problems with articles, countable vs. non-countable nouns, and prepositions. What I like most about Carl's services is that he can improve my writing by modifying only a few words in a sentence, rather than trying to rewrite the whole sentence (which many editors tend to do). That is, my writing style is still preserved, but it reads far better! Often times, my papers, ranging from conference papers to journal publications, have been selected for awards or promotions, and I believe the improved readability played a key role (in addition to the exceptional content, of course). Carl always completes the edits and gets them back to me on time, which is critical when I am working close to the submission due date. I highly recommend his editing services to anyone!

Resume/Job Hunt Client*:
I once read about an organization for which I very much wanted to work. As far as I knew, they weren't looking for anyone with my skills, but I decided to send my resume in anyway, so I needed it to be as clean as possible, and I needed an extremely powerful cover letter to go with it. Thanks to Carl's exceptional editing skills, my resume was perfect, and the letter he helped me craft was so compelling that they not only kept my information on file, they called me two months later when they were looking for somebody with my skill set. Soon after, I was hired.

Academic/Creative Client*:
I had been working on my Masters thesis for over a year. My advisor would not allow me to submit my manuscript to the committee until it was perfectly edited and proofread. Although several colleagues proofread the manuscript for me, my advisor continued to see problems. Time was getting dangerously short. I contacted Carl, explained the situation, and sent him my draft. He returned his first edit within 24 hours. Carl’s copyediting expertly highlighted small errors throughout the manuscript. His content editing displayed a keen understanding of the material and helped to tighten up many sections of the work. His second edit polished the manuscript to its final form. My advisor approved the edited version within hours, and I successfully defended my thesis, receiving a high pass several weeks later. Carl and his editing prowess completely bailed me out.

*These are actual reviews provided by clients; however, certain details have been made generic to protect client privacy. Full text of these reviews and reference contact information are available to prospective clients on request.


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