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The essential ability of the editor-at-large, and one of the greatest strengths of Assurance Editorial, is the ability to adapt rapidly to unfamiliar subject matter. At the most basic, this means becoming familiar with the specialized terminology in any given field. However, in the case of Assurance Editorial, it means far more—the ability to rapidly (but temporarily) become an expert in the field, as far as the editorial content is concerned. We are ready to take on any subject matter, regardless of complexity or specialization.

That said, we have already worked extensively with certain types of subject matter, as listed to the right.

Our Subject Matter Specialties:
• Medical/Biotech
• Business Law
• Ethics & Compliance
• The Internet
• Computer Technology
• Software Documentation
• Electronics
• Economics
• The Humanities

Medical/Biotech—Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Market Research, Clinical Trials, FDA Regulations, The PhRMA Code, HIPAA, FMLA

Business Law and Ethics & Compliance—Sarbanes-Oxley, FCPA, FERC, HHS OIG, HIPAA, FMLA, ADA, Codes of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, Discrimination, Harassment, Antitrust, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery

Internet, Computers, Software, ElectronicsE-Learning, Online Education, Portals, Search Engines, Facebook, Site QA, HTML, XML, Windows, OS X, PCs, Macs, Networking, Software Documentation, Programming, Electronic Components, Electronic Circuit Design

Humanities—Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Sociology
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